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  • How to optimise your sales and Marketing Strategies
    Multiple Dates
    06 Jun, 10:00 – 10:40 BST
    Online Event
    Learn the fundamental Marketing skills to run your business and achieve sales to the relevant target market through understanding what is marketing and its execution within your content.
  • How to build a website that aligns with your products or services
    Multiple Dates
    17 Oct, 15:00 – 15:40 BST
    Online Event
    Learn the fundamental of website design and how to build a website that engaged visitors to constantly purchase your products or services.

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Girlfriday Local Event is based on the idea of an informal meet up with Small Business owners or people who wish to start up their own business or grow their business and want to know more about various business areas and digital marketing. The event happens in a location of our choice for 1hrs 30 or 40 minutes where you have an opportunity to network with each other and learn marketing strategy, planning, and business support...

The Event organizer is Trisha Amable from Girlfriday


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Learn the importance of what is system thinking in business processing and having internal control.



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Girlfridayz Local Event is for Small Businesses and Sole Traders in London the reason for this is there is maybe similar events near you and it may be not worth your time to travel from very far for 1 hrs 30 meet up event. However, the choice is yours, latecomers will not gain access to the venue and no refund is offered.


You can come by car but the area is not free parking and you'll have to pay for your parking or find a free parking zone. It is best to plan your journey before you leave hence, if you click on transportation title you reach the Journey planner from TFL

You have several ways to reach the venue by bus 35, 45, 345 and the P4 will get you to the venue stop at 

Loughborough Junction station. You can take the tube and stop at Brixton Station then take any buses mention above or you can take the train and stop at Loughborough Junction Station.

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How to optimise your sales and Marketing Strategies
Multiple Dates
06 Jun, 10:00 – 10:40 BST
Online Event
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